Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Eco Wedding Guestbook

Not a wordless wednesday..but less words wednesday...

a beautiful picture taken by, the OP of my friends wedding (Taufiq & Faatimah).

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

[Work In Progress] DIY - Paper Flower

Happy Tuesday All,

I am super excited to wait until 5.30pm just to share with you on my recent activity...Last week, I did the paper flower as it is very hot in the market right now..but it is still work in progress...

This paper flower is now popular in wedding market and every bride is like so eager to use this for the dais, photobooth deco, and even for the main table deco..

pictures taken from google

here the pictures and steps for DIY Paper Flower

What do u need?
Sugar Paper - Assorted Colours (Some people use flet paper, basil paper, and etc it depends on your preferences)
Glue (preferable UHU for a lasting quality)
Diamante or Pearl [OPTIONAL]

Step 1 : Draw an outline of your petal. . you should have more than 3 at least different size of petals from small to bigger. [IMPORTANT : Its good to have template so you can have equally standard size for all your flowers]

Step 2 : After drawing of course you need to cut it. Basic people.

Step 3 : Straight cut at the bottom of each petals around half inch (according to petal size). Take one cut side then glue and stick it on to each other cut so it will become a lil bit curvy

Step 4 : Make a punch of hole at the bottom edge of petals (this is for the rope hole in case you want to hang this flower) [OPTIONAL]. My case, I just glued it onto each other.

Step 5 : Take 3 small petals and glued it onto each other.

Step 6 : Repeat all Step 1 - Step 4 for the medium and big size petals. You should make more of this bigger petals to get bigger flower. My case I do 3 medium size petals and 4 for big petals.

Step 7 : After you complete your middle size petals then stick it at the back of the small one then you can see a flower after you stick it.

Step 8 : Follow Step 7 for bigger petals

Step 9 : To make it more volume, or nicer, fold backward the top part of the petals so it will look like blossom flower.

Step 10 : It is nicer if you want to put something in the middle of the flower like a diamante or huge pearl. [OPTIONAL]

Since its in WIP task, I will update you guys once complete with all the flowers..The steps are quite easy except the part you need to cut all the petals...but it worth the hardwork..

Goodluck :)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Dira Abu Zahar + Helmi Yusof - Engagement (February 2011)

Hye Love,

This project was quite old as the couple already get married last Nov 2011. Well, things still need to be shared with you all lovelies..

We actually did the hantarans for Dira Abu Zahar (Melodi Host) engagement from men's side..Good for me because the men is my cousin (who is now Dira's husband), so Abg Hel gave his trust to me and my mother to settle all his hantarans. 

The color theme chosen were Silver and White (with some aqua blue element to spice up the looks)..

Few materials used to make this hantaran..
1) Bantal dulang - Silver lace with white satin lining
2) Boxes - "songket" ribbon and lace ribbon to make it looks exclusive :)
3) Flowers - Textured organza ribbon for the flower.

Sooo here you go lovelies (sorry because the pictures clarity and brightness not as good as DLR quality pictures, we forgot to take a proper picture)..Enjoice!

The E-Ring :)

Shades :)

Perfume :)

Chocolates :)

Fruits :) 
(pardon the empty space since we could not get standard size of the apples then we need to buy another round)

We did actually only 5 hantarans out of 7 for their engagement..another sireh junjung (ask florist to do it but the outcome was not up to expectation and we have no time to re-arrange the flowers so just a go) and was a simple engagement ceremony but we family love it..less is more right?

Here some pictures from the ceremony....

pembawa dulang cute2 je kan..hehe

hantarans being arranged side by side

families :)

simple and sweet, Dira

yours truly in green

mak, aunt, and my sister with their favourite comedian, Afdlin (apa yang kelakar sgt tu?)

PM me at for any query about the hantaran, affordable and attractive price we serves you :)

Next post is coming soon....very sooooon... :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Wedding Guest Book

Eco Wedding Guest Book Anyone?

I would say I was very happy+excited when my friend asked me to make his wedding guest book. Knowing him graduated M.Sc in Environmental Engineering, I suggested using a Eco Paper for his wedding guestbook, and obviously he is 110% agree with the idea and leave 120% trust on me to realize that.

It took me only 1 week to complete it but technically only 1 day because another 6 days were for the paper note to be ready..I need to print out the special paper note for his friends to write on :)

This is the paper note design print on brown eco paper,

Outcome after printing super favourite :)

Front Cover of the Guest Book :)

When friends shared their thoughts :)

Congratulations Pakcik Taufiq and Makcik Faatimah and thank you so much for the trust that you guys gave me to make this :)

PM me at for any query about Wedding Guest Book..

First Attempt

Hye Love,

Excited to write on your pink jar FIRST post..Excited to let the ideas stuck in this brain realized into something visible..Excited to share our creative ideas with lovelies out there...Super EXCITED.

We love pretty things,we like all this flower thing, decorations, and everything about wedding. Not just wedding but anything PRETTY..

Hope you guys will follow us excitedly too..More posts coming soon for you!

Goodbye Love,